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GoShareLah is an excellent platform for driving traffic to existing content by tapping into a diverse 3,000 influencer database to share content, links or even articles on their social media channels. Our cost-per-share model is ideal to boost social engagements affordably.

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Fashion & Retail
F & B
Beauty & Wellness
Content Creators, Brands & Advertisers
Anyone that needs quick publicity!

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Insert Your Content
Share a link to your content to start a new campaign and create opportunities for influencers each time you post new content.
Set A Budget
You are in control of the budget of every campaign and have the freedom to modify the cost-per-share (CPS) to each social media channel.
Confirm that your budget is set, your content ready to go and complete the checkout process to launch your campaign.
Creating Buzz
All you need to do now is be patient and see your content engagement grow!

The Sky Is Your Limit

Maximize content shared on social media
Organic impressions by real people all day everyday
Flexible budget suitable for anyone

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