About Us

GoShareLah is all about driving your business through word of mouth. In the 21st century, social seeding yields the power to drive 10x greater engagement to your social contents. We literally taken the best of SushiVid and all that we have learned to develop the GoShareLah model of social seeding.

What’s good about GoShareLah?

Honestly, you can do alot with Gosharelah. We want to cater to all budgets and be as flexible as possible by allowing the freedom of setting your own budget and cost-per-share fee for seeders. Besides that, creating a campaign on the platform only takes you minutes and you will also have access to our analytics so you may track who has shared your content, where and measure the impact of those shares have on your business.

SushiVid Group Affiliation

Our affiliation with SushiVid is truly something that is great because they are after all the home of the greatest influencer content parterships in South East Asia. It came about when brands were reaching out for influencers to share, post or retweet their content to expand reach and with the addition of that influencers’ seal of approval that is crucial in marketing to this social generation. We had the brand requests and SushiVid has the influencers, well you pretty much know what happens next! A brand new service under within the SushiVid ecosystem.

    Need more convincing?
  • All influencers are verified (no nasty bot accounts)
  • All influencers are required to maintain a link to your content for at least 7 days
  • Flexible budgetting
  • Analytics to track campaign performance and ROI
  • Whether you’re in beauty, fashion, or food, or are simply looking for some quick publicity, GoShareLah is perfect for you.