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Let our micro influencers share your content to their friends and followers for you.

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Generate Traffic In A Heartbeat

Let us drive traffic to your existing content with 5,000 influencers sharing it their own audience. Works for images, videos, links, just like magic!

Key Features

You can choose to pay influencers by their follower size

Put as many captions as you want

GoShareLah works on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

Brand That Use GoShareLah

Here's How To Get Started

Insert Your Content
Fill up a simple form.
Set A Budget
It works on a per-share basis. You can set different price per share by tiers and by platform (after checkout).
Prepay from as low as RM100. Top up when your campaign runs out of budget.
Creating Buzz!
All you need to do is sit back and watch your content engagement go up!

Who Should Use This?

Gsl+ +fashion
Fashion & Retail
Gsl+ +restaurant
F & B
Gsl+ +beauty
Beauty & Wellness
Gsl+ +content creator
Content Creators, Brands & Advertisers
Gsl+ +quick
Anyone that needs quick publicity!

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