GoShareLah: A Guide To Sowing Social Seeds

Posted on January 30, 2018

Social seed

With the launch of GoShareLah, the SushiVid team have been decked out in our gardening finest of late – think big floppy hats, gum boots and gardening gloves. After all, if we’re going to take you on a social seeding journey, we need to look the part

What is social seeding?

According to MicroFocus Blog, as at April 2017 there were 3.8 billion internet users. Now consider that while some of these users are passive watchers, many, many more are actively engaged in creating content.

In fact, here’s a handy little infographic from SmartInsights which shows you just what happens online in the space of 60 seconds:


To think back in 2000, we were amazed that Nicholas Cage could steal a car in 60 seconds.

Anyways we digress.

The infographic is reproduced not to alarm or dissuade you from producing content – content is king after all – but rather to emphasise how important it is to find the networks to make your content shine above all the rest.

That’s where social seeding comes in – a chance for you to put your content in front of a bunch of people who could advocate for you and share it for a minimal sum (i.e. content seeding).

Basically, you post a video to GoShareLah and say you’ll pay RM50 per share. 10 Instagrammers share your video, each with 100,000 followers. Suddenly, your video has been projected to 1,000,000 people (many of whom might share your content too). All you’ve paid is RM500.

Why should I use social seeding?

Think about all those times you’ve published great content to Facebook or YouTube, relying on their ever-changing algorithms to share your content with the world. For whatever reason, be it a mistake in naming the content or bad luck, you simply might not attract the audience you deserve.

So, then you decide to boost your content, but you end up fighting a bidding price war with other brands.

Sound familiar? Are you frustrated just reading about it? That’s why you should try social seeding.

But, is it ethical?

Yes. And pesticide free too.

With social seeding, you’re simply giving your content the opportunity it needs to shine. Think of all the designers who let celebrities wear their dresses on the red carpet. Put it on the right star and suddenly you’ve gone from making clothes in your mum’s basement to a fashion studio of your very own. Social seeding is the same concept, just refined for the digital age.

We like to think of social seeding with GoShareLah as the “organic” gardening option. You can tailor your posts to a target audience and our influencers are vetted to ensure that bots won’t be spamming people like the noxious weeds they are.

How to social seed effectively

The first and most fundamental rule sis that you must have great content that is worthy of going viral.

As Kudos Media put it in their article “Why you must be seeding content” the overwhelming amount of poor content online “provides an opportunity for the publisher of quality content to shine and once your brand is defined as a supplier of valuable information and/or entertainment your content marketing will snowball. However, getting to this revered position of authority usually requires setting a content seeding and amplification budget to ensure you are reaching new and relevant audiences”.

Content that works well for social seeding includes:

  • Educational content;
  • Content that builds and connects communities (think anti-smoking and campaigns against child abuse);
  • Event promotion; and
  • A hilarious YouTube video;
  • Or simply a really funny YouTube video that is worth sharing.


A funny thing happened while we were gardening. Not only did we look ridiculous in our gear, but we would sow our seeds and while taking a well-earned rest over an iced tea, a little bird would come along and through the magic of nature sow our seeds for us. Suddenly we had all the crops we’d dreamed of, but without having had to work any harder(huzzah).

And so it is with social seeding. You put your content in the right hands and suddenly it’s a viral sensation.

Up until now, however, finding those influencers in South East Asia had been a little tricky. That’s why we created GoShareLah to put brands directly in contact with influencers who will leverage their networks to increase exposure - all with a simple GoShareLah to their followers.

More tips and tricks on how to work with Influencers HERE.